Mom Has the Bomb Bong

It was the summer of 2013. My 21-year-old son had just returned from an extended internship studying sustainable architecture. His older sister was celebrating a $40,000 pay raise. Someone brought a giant bag of smokable stuff from Mendocino County. No one had a pipe.

“Mom has the bomb bong,” my son reminded the small gathering.

There was silence, then laughter. It was no secret that I used a bong and had a few hand pipes as well. Nor was it secret that my children sometimes found the occasion to use a bong too. We just had never used one together. I broke it out.

Knowing my penchant for all things monkey, my son’s friend asked if the monkey on the bong was Curious George.

“That’s supposed to be Tommy Chong. This is an original Chong Bong.”

“That guy from those movies?”

“Yes. He used to run a glass pipe business but he got tossed in jail during Operation Pipe Dream.”

Looks of confusion abounded.

“Isn’t a pipe dream something you can’t get?” another friend asked.

“Quite.” I answered, not able to give proper historical context in my somewhat altered state.

Someone else mentioned pipe cleaners and asked if anyone had ever used one to clean a pipe. A Ziplock bag full of multi-colored pipe cleaners materialized and all thoughts of bongs (Chong or otherwise) were forgotten in the gentle frenzy of creating pipe cleaner animals.

I thought about the bong question later though. With an illustrious history stretching back to Africa some 3,000 years ago, the bong has long been part of many cultures. Its steady vilification in the last 100 years is only a tiny fraction of this history. In my own lifetime, I have seen the pendulum swing back and forth from the swinging seventies with those bamboo and ceramic dragon bongs to the paranoia of the “just say no” era. The latter culminating in the misguided Operation Pipe Dream, a government program that sought to eliminate all paraphernalia from the United States.

Fortunately, the pendulum has swung again and we are experiencing the renaissance of the bong. Glass pipes and bongs have become functional artwork. With their swirls of color and creative shapes, they fuel our imagination with their mind-boggling beauty and complexity. They are conversation pieces. Like their owners, no two are exactly alike. They are a lesson in the creative capacity of humanity.

It is precisely their outlaw status that has allowed for the stunning evolution of glass pipes and bongs. Untethered from the conventions of traditional glass blowing and glass working, the artists who create these masterpieces lash their considerable creative spirits to the genies of flame and molten glass. The creative process seems more of a partnership with these elemental forces than a taming of them. Perhaps this is why the results are so fantastic. More than any industry I can think of, the glass pipe business embraces and learns from mistakes, spurs innovation for its own sake and rewards creativity. This is one mom who will always appreciate the bomb bong.

Enhance your businesses profit with digital marketing

If you are a great marketer then you might how important it is to do the online marketing of any business or product. Marketing brings or creates a brand value of any business or product and moreover it helps to create awareness among the consumers that’s why it is very important for you to do the marketing of your business well, so that you can achieve the best results and high profit.

Nowadays, digital marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business. In order to do this marketing, there are many services available like TannerGrey that can help you to do the marketing of your business.

More about digital marketing

Digital marketing is of many different types such as contest marketing to media marketing that is followed by SEO. In almost every digital marketing SEO plays a major role because it helps the service to increase the ranking of your website through various means such as link building, contents providing, header tag and more. So, overall if any person wants to achieve an early success in online business then digital marketing is the best way to get it.

Factors to consider in digital marketing

Buyer persona – it is very important for you to know that for whom you are doing the marketing. Buyer persona helps you or the digital marketing services to locate and find out the potential customer that can make use of your products and services.

Goals – as a business owner if your goal is to achieve 20-25% of annual growth then marketer always aim double growth i.e.  50-60%. So, when hiring a digital marketer make sure they are fully motivated and able to achieve the highest annual growth rate for your business.

Evaluate digital marketing assets and channel – there are basically three types of media channels such as owned media. As you get it from name that it refers to the channels that are owned by you. Second media is earned media in which you earn by getting positive reviews or your content gets shared by anyone in any kind of social media platform and more. Paid media is a media that you have to pay or have to spend money on it so that you can attract the buyer personas for your business. In paid media you can create an ad, or hire a social media manager for the social post about your business and more.

Glass Bongs Are the Most Popular Smoking Devices In The World

According to several articles about smoking and the use of bongs, the bong is the most popular smoking device in human history. Some people even give bongs an affectionate name. Bongs are considered collectibles, and people decorated them so they become personal tools. But even though bongs give people a lot of satisfaction, not much is known about the history of bongs. Some of the facts about bongs are wrong, and other facts are distorted in some way.

The first fact that is not true is the bong is a descendant of the hookah. And the second not true fact is, the bong was invented in China. The reason China is considered the birthplace of the bong is marijuana is native to China. And the Chinese have been smoking it in bamboo type devices for centuries. But in spite of all the tales about marijuana and bong use in China, the real birthplace of the bong is Africa.

The old studies of African smoking devices assumed all smoking pipes came from the West Coast of Africa. But those studies missed the fact that the African cultures in the south and east developed smoking devices before tobacco was introduced in Africa. Africans smoked marijuana long before tobacco. Archeologists found evidence of marijuana use in pipes in Ethiopia more than 3,000 years ago.

In 1930, the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago released a series of pamphlets about tobacco use in Africa, and the consensus at the time was the Portuguese brought tobacco and water pipes to Africa from Persia. But that information was wrong. The first African bongs were built into the ground. Hemp was placed on light embers in the ground, and an underground duct led from the chamber to a mouth tube a short distance away. All the archaeological evidence indicates that Africans snuffed and chewed tobacco, but they smoked cannabis. The Africans invented the bong to smoke marijuana long before the bong was used in China or anywhere else in Asia.

The name bong didn’t come from the Thai word ‘baung.’ A tribe called the Bong’om lived in Kenya. There is also Bong County, in Liberia, and there is a Mount Bong in Africa. New research indicates that the word ‘bong’ came from Africa, not from Thailand.

But no matter where the bong came from, the glass bong has been able to overcome cultural differences and become a valuable modern tool. The most popular bong is the glass bong. The reason is, glass can be colored, and shaped in different ways so bongs have a personal appeal. has glass designs that can blow a person’s mind long before they inhale smoke from a bong. Some glass bongs come with added features like glass notches for ice. Adding ice helps cool the smoke, and cool smoke makes the whole smoking experience cooler.

It is true that some smoking devices may be illegal in the United States. In 2003, the government tried to get rid of bongs, but that didn’t work. Bongs are legal smoking devices, and always will be.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Mobile Application

Buying of mobile applications is comparatively a new concept than the buying of digital assets, such as domain names and websites. More than 55% of our time is consumed by the use of mobile apps than the use of desktops. There is a great scope for the mobile app industry, which in turn increases the opportunities for mobile application buying.

In today’s time when the markets are facing stiff competition, it has become increasingly important to come up with different ways to satisfy your customers. In such a scenario, mobile applications have proved to be a cost-effective and essential tool for various companies. A well structured and robust mobile application can prove to be a great boost up for both large and small businesses. Now, the question arises whether to buy or build an app? If you think your business needs an app, then you should consider these following points before buying a mobile application:

  • Budget: When it comes to buying, the budget is always an important factor. Simple apps will obviously cost you less than other complex apps.
  • Security:Next in the line is security. You will have to consider the kind of security you want for your app, and it’s users.
  • Timing: It depends on how desperately you need the app.
  • Classes of Apps:Buying an app is the best option, if you are looking for interactive games, apps with third-party integration, image and video editing apps and social networking apps.
  • Adaptability of Apps: You need to consider whether you can improve the features of your app, before buying it.

There are also certain reasons which instigate the fact of buying a mobile application:

  • Accessibility: Mobile apps give easy access to its users.
  • Briskness: They serve as ‘welcome shortcuts.’
  • Connectivity:It gives companies to a distinct platform to re-invent their brand image.
  • Deeper Geographical Penetration: It has enabled to businesses to gain better geographical penetration.
  • Emerging Markets: It helps businesses to go beyond their regular customer base.

You can see how buying a mobile application can help a business in a plenty of ways. If you are planning to buy a mobile app, seek assistance from Liftoff which is one of the best full-service mobile app marketing platforms.

Mark – An Insight Into the Power It Beholds

“Mark”, a solid word that truly means the world with regards to an item or organization. A brand needs to make its own personality in the brains of its objective market. Furthermore, better believe it, each item has an especially characterized showcase, that is sure, the market might be characterized on the premise of the diverse market division parameters in particular statistic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral elements. Well not by any stretch of the imagination staying profound into the advertising language, to put it plainly, a brand is characterized for some specific gathering of individuals with comparable interests. Presently this gathering can be REALLY BIG and for instance the geographic parameter may traverse the whole world over a timeframe. All things considered, a brand is influenced by a mess of other language, for example, mark name, mark esteem, mark affiliation etcetera. What I might truly want to center individuals’ consideration is the characteristic power that a brand has. Why do you think a man cherishes Sony Ericsson or an Apple item, basically on the grounds that these brands are related with something that individuals see as stunning, and it really comes down to their fundamental needs of having an extraordinary telephone. In specialized terms Brand Association (such a great amount for the criptic name!). Presently WHAT is it that individuals find in Apple and Sony Ericsson telephones and WHAT is the essential need that they ASSOCIATE these brands with. The diverse responses to a similar question could be “Quality”,”Durability”,”Utility”, “innovation mastery” or whatever other such answer contingent on the PERCEPTION of the people about the BRAND. All the more significantly the recognitions would be driven by the fundamental NEED of the person. For instance, not everybody may be looking for “Quality” in a cell phone, they might be keen on “Sturdiness”. Once more, there may be blends of a few requirements for some other individual, his/her advantage lies in “Solidness” AND “Utility” and they may truly would wouldn’t fret whether the telephone might possibly have, say, “innovation ability”.

Presently if a Brand truly needs to perform well crosswise over geographic areas, it is totally important for them to attempt to overcome any issues between the “hidden needs” and “brand discernment” in order to expand deals at a top notch sum and accomplish high pieces of the overall industry, all in the meantime. The brand proprietor ought to look to cross over any barrier between the brand picture and the brand way of life too. Aah, another arrangement of language! Mark personality is only the images, name, trademark, interchanges and visual appearance or anything that remarkably distinguishes the brand. Mark picture to a huge degree relies on upon how the brand has been seen by the objective market of the brand. Mark picture is the means by which you really see the brand while mark character is the way the proprietor of the brand really needs you to see the brand!. So essentially on the off chance that you surmise that Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones gives top notch music and Sony Ericsson really needs you to see that it is fantastic item by making utilization of the Walkman logo that was at that point a hit when they propelled the walkman that kept running on tape, Voila! they have made their progress.

Domain registration and checking

A domain name is required to run your website over the internet. Your domain defines the online presence of your website. It works as an address for your website. A domain first needs to be purchased and then registered with a particular domain name. A domain name is always unique so you just can’t register it with any domain name, so it is suggested that you should first check for availability of the domain via Domain Registration and then purchase it. There are many websites using which you can check the domain availability. A domain can be bought for many purposes such as it can be bought for business, for education, for research, for government and much more. Domain completely depends upon the requirement of your business.

There are many websites from which you buy the domain for your business, company or brand. You can buy the domains from these websites by paying a certain amount of money to the domain company. The domains which are bought come with validity and expire as soon as their validation is over. When the domain expires you need to renew it so that your website can be used again. As the domain expires, your website becomes inaccessible and inactive. So to make your website active again you need to renew your domain by paying a certain amount of money. As the payment is done, your website again becomes active and anyone can use or access it without any problem.

A domain helps you to mark your presence over the internet as well as make it possible for you to promote your website, business, products or services on the internet. A large number of users are present on the internet so it is best to take your business on the internet. You can rename your domain according to the name of your company so that most of the people can remember your website easily. You can click here for: Domain Check.