Glass Bongs Are the Most Popular Smoking Devices In The World

Glass Bongs Are the Most Popular Smoking Devices In The World

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According to several articles about smoking and the use of bongs, the bong is the most popular smoking device in human history. Some people even give bongs an affectionate name. Bongs are considered collectibles, and people decorated them so they become personal tools. But even though bongs give people a lot of satisfaction, not much is known about the history of bongs. Some of the facts about bongs are wrong, and other facts are distorted in some way.

The first fact that is not true is the bong is a descendant of the hookah. And the second not true fact is, the bong was invented in China. The reason China is considered the birthplace of the bong is marijuana is native to China. And the Chinese have been smoking it in bamboo type devices for centuries. But in spite of all the tales about marijuana and bong use in China, the real birthplace of the bong is Africa.

The old studies of African smoking devices assumed all smoking pipes came from the West Coast of Africa. But those studies missed the fact that the African cultures in the south and east developed smoking devices before tobacco was introduced in Africa. Africans smoked marijuana long before tobacco. Archeologists found evidence of marijuana use in pipes in Ethiopia more than 3,000 years ago.

In 1930, the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago released a series of pamphlets about tobacco use in Africa, and the consensus at the time was the Portuguese brought tobacco and water pipes to Africa from Persia. But that information was wrong. The first African bongs were built into the ground. Hemp was placed on light embers in the ground, and an underground duct led from the chamber to a mouth tube a short distance away. All the archaeological evidence indicates that Africans snuffed and chewed tobacco, but they smoked cannabis. The Africans invented the bong to smoke marijuana long before the bong was used in China or anywhere else in Asia.

The name bong didn’t come from the Thai word ‘baung.’ A tribe called the Bong’om lived in Kenya. There is also Bong County, in Liberia, and there is a Mount Bong in Africa. New research indicates that the word ‘bong’ came from Africa, not from Thailand.

But no matter where the bong came from, the glass bong has been able to overcome cultural differences and become a valuable modern tool. The most popular bong is the glass bong. The reason is, glass can be colored, and shaped in different ways so bongs have a personal appeal. has glass designs that can blow a person’s mind long before they inhale smoke from a bong. Some glass bongs come with added features like glass notches for ice. Adding ice helps cool the smoke, and cool smoke makes the whole smoking experience cooler.

It is true that some smoking devices may be illegal in the United States. In 2003, the government tried to get rid of bongs, but that didn’t work. Bongs are legal smoking devices, and always will be.

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