Migrating PostgreSQL database to SQL Server

Migrating PostgreSQL database to SQL Server

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Although it is know that PostgreSQL is powerful open-source database management framework, there are variety of elements and capacities that make it too complicated and therefore hard to maintain for specific projects. For such cases, companies and organizations may consider migrating databases to another database management system that is more easy to use in order to reduce the cost of maintenance. One of the most appropriate targets for such migration is Microsoft SQL Server.

Here are the basic steps to migrate database from PostgreSQL to SQL Server:

  • export definitions of source tables, indexes and constraintsinto SQL DDLformat
  • convert itaccording to SQL Server format and load to the targetDBMS
  • extract PostgreSQL dataas INSERT-statements
  • transform these statementsaccording to Microsoftdialect of SQL and import it into the destination database

In PostgreSQL definitions of tables, indexes and constraintscan be extracted into DDL script via this command line:

pg_dump–schema-only –no-owner –no-privileges database_name>table_definitions.sql

The resulting script file must be corrected before importing to SQL Server with respect to the following:

  • replace quotes around names of database objects (table, segment, list, imperative) by square brackets
  • remove all square brackets around data types
  • replace all occurrences of default PostgreSQL schema “public” by SQL Server one “dbo”
  • replace PostgreSQL type “SERIAL” by MS SQL equivalent “INT IDENTITY” everywhere across the script
  • transform all types that are missing in SQL Server into text
  • replace PostgreSQL end of query symbol “;” with the MS SQL equivalent “GO”

The data can be extracted from PostgreSQL database in form of INSERT-statementsviathiscommand line:

pg_dump–data-only –column-inserts database_name>load_data.sql

Obviously, the approach mentioned above requires lot of manual efforts and can be quite tedious process for huge and complex databases. In addition, the human factor may case data loss or corruption during the database migration process. To avoid these risks and save valuable human resources, special software may be used.

PostgreSQL to SQL Server converter is one of tools designed to automate database migration.The program is developed by Intelligent Converters, software vendorworking in database conversion migrationfield since 2001. Here are key features of this migration tool:

  • the program works with all versions of PostgreSQL and MS SQL (including Azure SQL)
  • indexes and foreign keys are converted with appropriate attributes
  • the program can either create new tables or merge PostgreSQL data into anexisting MS SQL tables
  • command line version of the converter allows to schedule and script the migration process
  • conversion settings are stored into profile for next runs
  • support for Unicode allows to process databased using multi-byte code pages

PostgreSQL to SQL Server conversion tool works on Windows XP(SP2 or SP3)/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10 systems. The only requirements are PostgreSQL and MS SQL environmentsinstalled on thesame machine where program is running. Visit https://convert-in.com/pgs2mss.htm to learn more about the product.

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