What Is Network Video Recorder and How Does It Work?

What Is Network Video Recorder and How Does It Work?

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Network Video Recorder (NVR) security cameras are a popular part of wireless surveillance systems. These cameras contain only one wire (that is the power cable). It saves the users from the hassle of wiring and makes the installation and usage very comfortable.

Network video recorder can be described as a networking camera that is capable of recording images as well as live videos. It can also manage an entire IP or digital video system. The best part about network video recorders is that they can be customized according to your requirements.

These cameras usually first snap the pictures and then broadcast the video through a network channel. They also have storage spaces like SD card, disc drive and USB drive for storing the recordings. The output format of the video is in digital form, but it does not have any hardware that can snap a dedicated video. The software, on the other hand, is very dedicated and works entirely like an operating system.

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The working of an NVR camera is very different from that of DVR camera. Most people get confused between these two, but based on the video surveillance features, NVR system is definitely better. It has a camera that has high resolution and captures images that have high definition. Even the videos are recorded with the same definition and resolution. This feature is not available in DVR systems. NVR systems have the primary task to save and store all the surveillancevideos. A good network video recorder must include a rack mount server, towering server and stand-alone device.

NVR security cameras have several advantages. Firstly, it is quite appropriate for controlling more than one camera at a particular location. Secondly, thousands of observation pictures and video files can be saved as it contains a lot of storage space. Thirdly, the picture resolution is quite high and video recordings have high definition. Next, NVR cameras have the ability to set alarms along with facilities of motion detection. Lastly, they also have the feature to review all videos in one place, so you do not have to open them one by one. This helps to save a lot of time, which becomes convenient.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that NVR security camera must have all the latest security patches so that there are no chances of Hikvision NVR back door entry for potential hackers.


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